General INFO, SHIPPING, Etc.

This page contains A LOT of info, but
PLEASE READ it before ordering.
Thank you.

When we get into the very busy season (Jan.-March) please do not wait until the last second to order if possible. We get crushed with orders. We work our tails off during that time but it still can take a bit to get orders out. We want to keep everyone happy! If you are a person that wants their order immediately though, we suggest ordering before the rush season! We are not Amazon and never will never be.


We are OPEN YEAR ROUND. There may be brief periods where orders are not processed, but they will be clearly posted on this site.
MARCH 19rd – March 29th  we will be CLOSED. So we recommend ordering by March 11th to ensure you get your order if you need it before we are not filling orders!

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We are set up to accept payments through PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can still use a credit card through PayPal.
If you are having trouble with your Shopping Cart and/or Payment pages.  iPads (definitely)and iMacs (maybe, give it a try) seem to be loosing orders i.e. you put 10 things in your cart, and then your cart goes poof! We can not fix the problem 🙁
It is due to a glitch with PayPal and/or your server. We can NOT fix these problems. The cart pages are controlled by PayPal and not us. We have contacted PayPal. They so far have not figured out the problem. Don’t keep trying to make an order over and over. If it isn’t working for you, it isn’t working.  If restarting your computer doesn’t fix the problem, you can try contacting PayPal.
An alternative is to copy and paste your items to an email (I know PITA, but think of it like the old days when you had to hand write out an order and mail it,) send it to SampleSeeds@yahoo.com, and we will bill you the appropriate charge.

If you do NOT want to use PayPal at all, please MAIL:

  • A list of items (please make as legible as possible.)
  • Your phone number and/or your email address.
  • Your address. None of your personal info will ever be given to a third party.
  • A check or money order made out to The Sample Seed Shop for the total of the items plus shipping. See Shipping lower down on this General Info page.
  • Send To: The Sample Seed Shop 11 Vincentian Dr. Unit 1055, Niagara University, NY 14109

**CANADIANS and **OTHER COUNTRIES, please see the
Shipping to FOREIGN COUNTRIES page, Click Here.



~All items that have an “ADD TO CART” button are IN STOCK and can be purchased. Sometimes multiple purchase by different people on the same day can cause a run on a certain product, and it is possible to run out of an item, and we apologize if this happens to you.

Seed counts are minimums. They will have at least that many seeds and a few more, and some packets marked + or ++ will have many more.

  • If you run across an “ADD TO CART” button not working properly, please notify us at SampleSeeds@yahoo.com so we can fix it, thank you.
  • There is a limit of 20 packets on any single type of seed. If you need more than that, you will have to contact us at SampleSeeds@yahoo.com.
  • We do NOT do substitutions. If we run low or run out, we may send an email if it looks crucial to your order, and we may send  another variety we think you will like as an extra bonus to your order to make up for the shortage.

Though new seeds are added through the year, the major of updated/germination testing for the following year is every November.
~ All varieties are OP(Open Pollinated) and/or Heirloom unless clearly stated otherwise. A few items are hybrids and will be marked as such. There is nothing inherently wrong with traditionally bred hybrids despite some company’s advertising. All OPs/Heirlooms at one time came from a crossing aka hybrid.
NO items will ever be GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms.)

To read more about Seeds, check out the page on the site, GMO, HEIRLOOM, OP, HYBRID, About Seeds

~The Sample Seed Shop guarantees that the seeds will grow true to name. There is always a possibility of a stray seed or some kind of mixup, no one is perfect, but we do our best to keep the chances of that occurring very low.
~Vegetable seed are tested to pass federal germination standards. Seeds grown here are organically grown though not certified. MANY seeds not grown here are CERTIFIED ORGANIC. Since suppliers and seed stock changes, and we do not want to inadvertently false advertise, they are, with a few exceptions, not listed on the site. If you need to know about whether specific varieties are CERTIFIED ORGANIC, please send an email to SampleSeeds@yahoo.com.
~A few types of seed may contain some chaff where it is difficult to separate the two. Lemon Grass is a good example of this. Not to worry, you will still get the correct amount of seeds, and chaff is harmless.
~Seed packets do not have growing instructions. Pre-printed packets cost a lot more, and we want to keep costs low. Please use the resources in the Seed STARTING Links column on the right of the web site for growing info.
ossi logo words - CopySome varieties are now designated as OSSI seed. “OSSI was created to counterbalance the trend towards patenting and restricting the use of seeds and the rights of farmers and gardeners who buy them. Over the past 30 years, patents and licenses and other restrictions on the uses of seed have spread to many parts of the world.” To read more please visit the OSSI site.
Our seeds comes from various sources. Many are grown here and on local farmland, some are wild collected by us, some are from farmer friends around the country, and some are bought wholesale. We try to test out as many of the wholesale varieties as possible to judge garden performance so you will also be happy with how they grow.

We aim to make you happy and have your garden grow! Chances are low, but things do happen to seeds. In transit, exposure to high heat can reduce germination, the possibility of an incorrect seed mishap could occur during packaging, or a grower could send us incorrect stock.
If it is freezing out when your delivery comes, let you package come to room temp before opening to avoid too quick of a temp change to the seeds.
Sometimes even with starting good seed, and knowing what you are doing, they just don’t do well. It has happened to me, and it is baffling. I do know how disappointing it is. Thankfully, this doesn’t happen often.

ALL SEED is for HOME GARDEN USE ONLY. If you are not satisfied with your seed, please let us know!
We will replace seed, send a voucher for later use, or send a refund for purchase price.

Please remember some unusual annuals and many cold climate perennials offered may have specific germination requirements
like cold stratification or periods of warm-cold/warm-cold so failure may occur if proper techniques are not used. It can be very rewarding to grow them from seed, but they often can not just be put into a seed starting tray indoors. We recommend WSing (Winter Sowing) to aid in germination. You can ask a question of this technique to The Sample Seed Shop (we hope to have a page up about how we employ this technique at some point), but there is a wonderful Winter Sowing Forum on GardenWeb where you can get lots of advice from other gardeners.
Also, different plants have different germination rates. Some plants it seems every seed sprouts. Others maybe 3/4 of the seed will sprout as is with many perennial asters for example; they are not all going to germinate. That is the nature of that seed.

BONUS SEEDS~ All orders get at least one packet of bonus seeds. Larger orders may get more than one packet. You can not choose your bonus, but your free packet is determined by what you order, i.e. you order tomatoes only, you will receive a packet of tomato seed, you order flowers, you will get a flower packet. Your free packet will not match other people’s packets either. So if you heard someone got packet X, don’t rely on getting packet X. If you do not want to get something though like no melons because you are allergic, please send a note when you order.
Though not available to the home gardener (at least not yet,) we promise to have NOTHING to do with GMO(Genetically Modified Organisms) seed and have signed the Safe Seed Pledge.
Please visit our page about this subject by clicking here.
***ALLERGY ALERT~ there are dogs in the house, so dog hair may catch a ride with orders.

DONATING to Charities:

We ONLY donate to local Western NY (Buffalo/Niagara) garden programs.
Programs like Grassroots Gardens, Gardens of Stewardship, MAP, etc. The Buffalo~Niagara area has more than its fair share of gardening projects that need help.
Unfortunately we can not spend time checking the veracity of out of town requests or know the true needs of a group like we do here at home.


For casual theme weddings, many people get our packets. If you are thinking of this, please send a message to SampleSeeds@yahoo.com. We can figure out what we have enough seeds of that works with your colors and budget. We ask a couple weeks notice on these orders as I have to get one of the girls in to write the packets out, and we want them to look as good as possible.

Our CONTACT info is:

The Sample Seed Shop
11 Vincentian Dr
Unit 1055
Niagara University, NY 14109

COMMENT PAGE– To just leave us a note, please CLICK HERE.

If you need to speak to us~

EMAIL– SampleSeeds@yahoo.com

We will contact you within 24 hours unless on vacation(but that will be clearly stated on this web site.) Please try to email first since we are not by the phone often.
If you don’t receive an email back, please assume your email went to the spam box. If this happens please call us. If you call and get the answering machine, please state that you are a CUSTOMER. I’m getting calls from sales people, telemarketers, etc. I prefer to call you, not solicitors back.

(716) 482-0151

Your information will NEVER be sold/given to an outside party.
We are not fond of telemarketers, spammers, etc.


Seeds will be generally mailed out within 5 days after receiving your order using regular mail.
During the slower season (May-October,) Orders are generally shipped out 3 days a week, Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.
We will send out an email to inform you that your order has been SHIPPED.
LARGE orders (over $50) may take longer to mail especially during the busy season. During the busy season (Nov.- April) general delays in shipping will be clearly marked on this site on the front page..
During the busiest part of the year, Jan.-March, we highly recommend you order a few weeks ahead of when you want your seeds. We are growing as a company, and we work our tails off during that period, but delays can happen, and we want you to be happy!
If you do not hear from us AFTER a WEEK about your order, and there is no delay in shipping posted on the Home Page, please contact us! There have been a few(only a few) orders that never made it to us because of computer glitches with PayPal, probably when they were doing periodic updates to their system, or the computer gremlins intercepted it.
Make sure your Email Address and your Shipping Address are correct before you order!
We can not send you an email if your email is an old one you no longer use.
More importantly, if your order goes to the wrong address, you may never get your seeds! If you have switched address on PayPal, please double check before submitting. There have been a few instances of the address reverting to the old one. We can not be held responsible for these errors.

Shipping on orders within the U.S.A. ONLY is as follows ( 01/29/20 Sorry, the shipping went up at the Post Office went up again!!!, and I had to raise rates.)~

  • up to 5 seed pkts. is $5.50.
  • 6 to 20 is $6.50
  • 21 to 30 is $7.50
  • 31 to 60 is $9.00 (Sent by Priority Mail)
  • 61 and up is $10.50 (Sent by Priority Mail and includes extra insurance)

NY STATE Residents ONLY~Sales Tax in Erie Co., NY is 8.75%!! Yes, I know, ridiculous. My prices and shipping are very inexpensive so even with the sales tax, I think you are still getting a bargain. I hope you think so too.
If you are local to the Buffalo-Niagara Falls area, we can work out a meeting somewhere like Wegmans to pick the seeds up, or if you are close enough we will drop them in your mail box when convenient. If we do this, you will be refunded part of the shipping charges.
Sometimes we sell seeds at local events. When we do have  an upcoming event, it will be post on the main page at the top and also on FaceBook.

CANADIANS and OTHER COUNTRIES, please see the Shipping to FOREIGN COUNTRIES page, Click Here.

Thank you for choosing The Sample Seed Shop!

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  • remy says:

    Hi Reneeka, I get them from Uline as they seem to have the best prices.

  • Reneeka Williams says:


    I met you at the National Heirloom convention. I am in the processing of making my own seed library. Where did you purchase your seed envelopes? I like the size and it appears you can place a ton of information on them. Thank you, Reneeka

  • remy says:

    Frank, Yes. You must have missed about in the About Seeds section. “Though new seeds are added through the year, the major of updated/germination testing for the following year is every November.” and “Vegetable seed are tested to pass federal germination standard”

  • Do you test your see? Are the seeds up to standard germination rates?

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