2015 Tomato Season, Etc

Red Pear (Giant) Gransasso Strain on the 4th of July.

As far as the tomatoes go this year, it was pretty boring no hail, hungry dogs, birds, locusts, or other natural disasters.  I did get worried at the start a it seemed I didn’t fertilize the one half of the garden like I should have so one half had plants twice as big as the other, but the weather was pretty good and most of the plants caught up. So note to future self do not rush through prepping beds!
I did have few definite favorites of the year. Gary’O Sena was the first big tomato to ripen, and it tasted so good. Purple Dog Creek was a taste winner for me, and production was also good. Marge’s Polish Pride was the looks winner with lots of very big tomatoes.

epic tomatoes

One really cool thing happened at the end of last year/beginning of this year. My friend Craig LeHoullier wrote a book, Epic Tomatoes!
And besides writing about all kinds of wonderful heirloom tomatoes, he listed The Sample Seed Shop as a source! Our first book reference.







Red bed at Appleton Gardens of Marshfield

I did have an interesting year with giving talk and teaching classes in garden subject. I even went to VA near DC for a talk on seeds, my favorite subject! The garden there was just beautiful. It was designed by Colston Burrell. On the way home along with hitting up antique shops, I had to stop in the Allegheny Nation Forest to take pictures of a wild stand of Filipendula (Queen of the Prairie.) I was so excited!



The Buffalo~ Niagara Tomato TasteFest was again a success. It was a beautiful day and though there was not an official count at least 70 people came so it was the biggest one yet.
BufNiatom201581Mrs. Schlabaugh’s Famous Strawberry won Best Overall.


Prepping tomatoes for tasting.

meatonastickAnd though there are tons of tomatoes to taste, we eat lots of other food including the famous meat-on-a-stick.

2016 will be the 10 year party! We will be planning the date early in the year so if you are interested in attending, let me know. (
It is a great location for a party. Niagara Falls and all kinds of fun things to do are nearby.
bereaK12Once again, my SIL and I made our annual trek to Berea, KY to attend the Seed Swap at the Sustainable Mountain Agriculture Center.
This was our 5th year, and it won’t be our last. The swap is always held the first Sat. of Oct. so it is easy to remember. So next year it will be Oct. 1 which is good since my 25th wedding anniversary is on the 5th, and I have to be home for that.



Ok, so on to my disappointment of the year…Beans again. All the plants I put in the ground at home got eaten by rabbits shortly thereafter. I can’t talk about this without sighing. The area is fenced, but they got in. So next year, I’m doing extra special fencing. At the farm, we moved the location because of the deer feast last year, and that did work. The deer did not eat them. Only problem was, the plants didn’t grow like they should have. Where we moved them too must need lots of compost.
So next year will be a good one! I have to have that hope, lol.

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