2013 Tomato Season, etc.

Close up of the apron that my friend had made for me this year and presented to me at the Buffalo~ Niagara Tomato TasteFest.

Hi All!
Well, 2013 was a completely different experience than 2012. It was cool and rainy as many of you also experienced. Many around here complained about the tomatoes not ripening, and then they got Late Blight. I was lucky to evade both of those problems. I figure all the years of amending the soil and the black matting, plus being an enclosed garden space makes my tomato garden a good place in cooler years. The cloud patterns that cause me to have a worse drought problem in dry years than areas to the north and south of here also saves me in rainy ones as I get a bit less rain. The poor people to north of here got flooded so bad! It seemed every time I looked north the sky was black as night this year. So I did not get the Late Blight thankfully.
I was ready for the birds this year with all the netting I bough last year, and of course, I did not need it, but I have it ready for another year. My great pest this year was my baby, Charlie. He is the most lovable black lab mix.
He is also a tomato thief! He has always been one to eat my produce. My other dog, Sammie, only eats the Garden Huckleberries which is not a problem. Well, Charlie got a little out of hand this year. My arbor over my entrance to the tomato garden is falling down. I will have to replace it in the spring. The grape vines are actually holding it up. The gate attached to it of course came off. Charlie ate my first full sized ripe tomato. I was playing lets make a blockade that I think he won’t get through all season. Still I couldn’t be mad at him for all the times he broke in, and I caught him with tomatoes. He did win me concert tickets this year to the uproar festival (Alice in Chains, Jane’ Addiction, etc.) and a guitar. There was a Puproar contest for a celebrity dog look alike. So I made him Elvis from Jailhouse Rock. I took my nephew and we had a wonderful time.
So despite the weather and Charlie, I had a decent tomato year. I feel very lucky.

The peppers didn’t fair too well this year. It was just too cool. I hardly had any summer growth. A couple varieties still managed to do well, but I really consider this season one of the worst I’ve had.

I got a nice growing space for heirloom beans at a local organic farm, Arden Farm, as I can only grow so many here. Regular customers know I run out of many varieties pretty darn fast. It worked out well. Again the weather could of been better, but hopefully I can keep this arrangement going.
I think that’s about it.
I can’t wait to see what next year brings!

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