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Hello Gardeners!
I am the owner of The Sample Seed Shop. Some of you may know me from internet garden chat, or possibly from my name popping up on internet plant searches. I’m not just the owner of a business; I am an avid gardener. Some might call me a plant junkie, some might call me just plain crazy(DH), but no one could ever say I’m not passionate about what I do!

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I’ve been asked “Where did The Sample Seed Shop name come from?” I was trying to come up with a name for the longest time, and my husband, Gary, suggested it. He got the idea from his late grandfather’s dry cleaning business, Sample Dry Cleaning. I immediately loved it, because it was in memory of his grandfather, the alliteration was great, and small seed packets are already known as sample size! Plus I have (and any older Buffalonian woman out there will have) fond memories of The Sample clothing store.

I am available for speaking appearances/workshops on various garden subjects ~ perennials for full sun, antique and hardy roses, growing from seed, fruits and vegetables, etc. I love spreading the joy of gardening to others! I have presented at many garden clubs, libraries, Plantasia, Long Island Seed Consortium Exchange. Click Here to read a bit more.
To hear a radio interview with me on the Rochester, NY program Naturally Green with host Michael Warren Thomas please Click Here.

Newspaper articles I’ve been interviewed for:

A few gardening tidbits about me~

  • My garden is cottage style, and I have many antique roses.(In the future, I might offer some rooted babies for sale.)
  • I host the annual Buffalo-Niagara Tomato TasteFest. It is a get together/picnic of tomato growers sharing their harvest. It is held on a Saturday at the end of August or beginning of September in Grand Island, NY. If you want to be on the future invite list, please email
  • I am a member of BADS(Buffalo Area Daylily Society.)
  • I am a volunteer for the Buffalo Botanical Gardens. If you ever visit the Niagara Frontier, you should make a trek there.
  • I am a member of the North American Rock Garden Society.

Other facts about me~

  • I am a breast cancer survivor. (If you’ve been diagnosed with Breast Cancer, I recommend visiting
  • I teach adult education cooking and gardening classes for Niagara Wheatfield. Click Here for more info. Update: Unfortunately the program ended when the budget didn’t pass and all extras were removed.
  • I have two wonderful dogs, Sammie and Charlie, who love to ruin my best laid garden plans, but I still love them.

Here’s some family and me being silly~

Thank you for choosing the Sample Seed Shop!

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  • Alena says:

    My name is Alena. I’m in Russia, I want to get your tomato seeds. A year ago I wrote to you, you answered that delivery is available through Ukraine, as our Russian customs seeds do not skip.
    Can you send me the seeds?
    My shopping basket, I can pay at any time. Shipping cost $ 10 in Russia?
    My order – 30 varieties of tomato ($ 44.75)
    Waiting for your reply.
    All the best, Alena.

  • Bruno says:

    Hi Remy
    Merry Christmas , Happy new Year
    I wish you a very good growing Year

  • remy says:

    Hey Nick! I’m doing great. I hope you are too. So glad you are growing a garden, and thanks to your dad for mentioning me :)

  • Nicholas Gilmer says:

    Hi Remy! This is Nick Gilmer, Christopher Gilmers’ son (from Wegmans). My father and I were talking about gardening and about how I had just bought some seeds online and he told me about your website, I had no idea you were so involved in gardening or that you sold seeds! I have just gotten into gardening because I want to be able to be self sufficient and not rely on store bought foods. I will definitely be making a purchase soon! Hope you are well.

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