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Hello Gardeners!
I am the owner of The Sample Seed Shop. Some of you may know me from internet garden chat, or possibly from my name popping up on internet plant searches. I’m not just the owner of a business; I am an avid gardener. Some might call me a plant junkie, some might call me just plain crazy(DH), but no one could ever say I’m not passionate about what I do!

I’ve been asked “Where did The Sample Seed Shop name come from?” I was trying to come up with a name for the longest time, and my husband, Gary, suggested it. He got the idea from his late grandfather’s dry cleaning business, Sample Dry Cleaning. I immediately loved it, because it was in memory of his grandfather, the alliteration was great, and small seed packets are already known as sample size! Plus I have (and any older Buffalonian woman out there will have) fond memories of The Sample clothing store.

I am available for speaking appearances on various garden subjects ~ perennials for full sun, antique and hardy roses, growing from seed, fruits and vegetables, etc. Click Here to read a bit more.
To hear a radio interview with me on the Rochester, NY program Naturally Green with host Michael Warren Thomas please Click Here.

Newspaper articles I’ve been interviewed for:

  • Wall Street Journal ‘Pushing the Envelope on Vegetables’ Click Here.
  • Rochester’s Democrat and Chronicle ‘Tomatoes Will Survive This Year’ Click Here.
  • Niagara Gazette ‘Red Alert’ about the Buffalo~ Niagara Tomato TasteFest(not online had to scan) Photo of me Click Here, Scan of article photos Click Here, Scan of article Click Here.
  • An interview for a Polish Cooking Class I taught. Click Here.

A few gardening tidbits about me~

  • My garden is cottage style, and I have many antique roses.(In the future, I might offer some rooted babies for sale.)
  • I host the annual Buffalo-Niagara Tomato TasteFest. It is a get together/picnic of tomato growers sharing their harvest. It is held on a Saturday at the end of August or beginning of September in Grand Island, NY. If you want to be on the future invite list, please email SampleSeeds@yahoo.com.
  • I am a member of BADS(Buffalo Area Daylily Society.)
  • I am a volunteer for the Buffalo Botanical Gardens. If you ever visit the Niagara Frontier, you should make a trek there.
  • I am a member of the North American Rock Garden Society.

Other facts about me~

  • I am a breast cancer survivor. (If you’ve been diagnosed with Breast Cancer, I recommend visiting BreastCancer.org)
  • I teach adult education cooking and gardening classes for Niagara Wheatfield. Click Here for more info.
  • I have two wonderful dogs, Sammie and Charlie, who love to ruin my best laid garden plans, but I still love them.

Here’s some family and me being silly~

Thank you for choosing the Sample Seed Shop!

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  • remy says:

    Hi Lori!
    It was great to see you too. That would be wonderful to be featured on your blog : )

  • steve trimble says:


    Do you have any fantome du laos tomato seeds available. I got an estimated shipping cost of over $3.0 which seemed a little high. If I see something else, could shipping be combined?

  • remy says:

    Hi Steve,
    Thank you for your interest in the seeds.
    Anything with an “Add To Cart” button is available.
    Shipping in the USA is as follows:
    up to 20 seed pkts. is $3.50.
    21 to 40 is $5.00.
    41 to 60 is $7.00.
    61 and up is $9.00.
    If you would like more info about the seeds etc. Please visit the General Info page. http://sampleseeds.com/?page_id=91
    Thank you,

  • Allen W. Davidson says:

    So glad I found your site. I sell heirloom tomato plants at my local farmers market and am wanting to branch out and try new varieties. I am having a problem though when I click on your “Buy Tomatoes” section. While it is loading I can see the page and how it should look but after it is done it disappears. I don’t know if it’s a problem with my computer or with the page itself. Also have to add that my oldest son’s name is Remmy. He helps me with the market and is learning a lot about the heirlooms.

    Thanks, for your help.


  • Taryn says:

    Hi Remy!!! It’s tgplp from Tomatoville! I was reading your thread in TV and thought I would check out your sight. It looks great. I’ll have to order some tomato seeds in early January! I really like the look of Hells Fruit, I’ve never seen that variety before.

    Keep up the great work!

  • remy says:

    Hi Taryn!
    Glad you came and checked out the site!

  • Mark says:

    It will be nice to post picture for each and every vegetable and flower seeds so it is easy for customers. Sometimes just from the name, you don’t know how the fruit or flower or veggie is going to look like and there are many varities for e,g, there are so many egg plant varities and I may be interested in small egg plants, so picture would speak louder than the words. Just a sugestion.

  • remy says:

    Hi Mark,
    I wish I could have photo of everything. Varieties often sell better with a photo. Except for a few that have been generously donated by friends and customers, I take all the photos for this site. Somethings I will never have my own photo of like melons since I don’t grow them. Some somehow get missed while taking photos or the photo never came out right.
    Many site that have photos for everything, do not use their own photos. They use stock photos. You might notice the same photo on multiple sites and this is why. (Same as the copied varietal blurbs you will often see on sites.) A few actually steal them that is why you will see watermarks on many of the photos since I have had them take by other companies in the past. Some of course have been around a long time and have built up an inventory of photos.
    I do try to link to photos when I can. Sometimes of course the only good photo is at another seller’s site and I won’t link to that :)
    If you ever have a question about a variety, don’t hesitate to send an email and I’ll give you the best info that I can.

  • Angie says:

    Hi Remy,
    I cannot THANK YOU ENOUGH for having these amazing varieties of seeds available at such an affordable price. The last few years I’ve searched and searched for somewhere I wouldn’t have to go broke trying to try out new veggies. I just purchased a ton of packs and cannot wait!! What a beautiful website too with loads of useful information. I also appreciated your comments/opinions describing your experiences with everything. Have a fantastic week and cheers to the new year!

  • remy says:

    Thank you Angie!

  • Laura McCormick says:

    Hi Remy, I was hoping that you could carry a super wonderful red cherry hybrid tomato called Lizzano F1. I bet you could beat everyone else’s prices. Have loved your seeds and recommendations in the past. Thank you!

  • remy says:

    Hi Laura,
    I contacted the company in England who breeds them and asked about who wholesales these in the USA. Hopefully, I get a response!

  • Laura McCormick says:

    Thanks so much! I’ll keep checking back! I want to grow them next year.

  • Laura McCormick says:

    Hi Remy!

    Did you ever hear more about Lizzano red cherry hybrid seeds? If you can’t get them, perhaps I’ll try Sun Gold since they sound just as sweet and delicious. Thanks.

  • remy says:

    Hi Laura,
    I’m so sorry! I did check on them. I just forgot to tell you! I could not get a good wholesale price on them. I contacted the company and England and they referred me to Harris Seeds. I knew Harris has the seeds, but even at their “wholesale” price they cost too much it was $103.60 per 1,000 seeds plus freight. I would have to charge way too much to recoup the money spent. So unfortunately it is no go.

  • Hi Remy!!!

    Can I buy flower seeds from The Sample Seed Shop. A beautiful range is available. But I just heard that there are regulations on importing seeds and other live plants and animals to Sri Lanka. CITRUS, LETTUCE, and NICOTIANA are not allowed.
    To my knowledge it is restricted item and they usually do not allow. Even people who import plants and seeds have to get a special permission. Also, they are very strict on Genetically modified plants, Plant and plants products (Seeds) are restricted items to Sri Lanka. I will at least have to declare them at the custom. Were the packets seeds vacuum sealed? Did the rest of the wrapping satisfy the regulations? I want to know the exact information in this regard as I do not want to run into unnecessary troubles.

    Thank you,

  • beans are great says:

    Hi remy cant wait for those jembo beans to come back in stock am drooling over your pictures of tomatoes

  • remy says:

    Nov !5th :) I’ve had a good harvest of them this year.
    Glad you are drooling over the tomatoes!

  • Evil Ed says:

    Greetings Remy!

    I signed up for Tomatoville on the 18th. Would y’all have any input on how long it takes to be activated? I tried to contact the webmaster thru Yahoo Mail and couldn’t get connected.
    Order coming this weekend- better get out the Big shipping box!:)

  • remy says:

    Hi Ed, I know it is not an automatic activation at Tomatoville. So if he is busy or away, he can get a few days behind.

  • Eamon says:

    Thanks for the dwarfs. I couldn’t wait any longer and needed to grow some tomatoes now. Hopefully the don’t do too bad indoors :)

  • remy says:

    Just remember to pet them a few times a day!

  • Cindy says:

    Hi Remy – I am a first time customer and am soooo very happy with your very professional service and excellent seeds!!!!!

    I have been gardening for over 21 years and have started my own plants for almost that long and I have to say that as far as service and quality you blow all “the big guys” away! I ordered some, for me, anyways, kind of harder than usual to start from seed seeds and I am doing quite well! More than half the battle is getting quality and properly harvested and stored seeds. And on top of all that you are very, very generous with your quantities.

    You have a lifetime customer!

    Thank you!

    Cindy Luckhardt; Michigan
    ps please put me on your list for Impatiens Balf (can’t remember exact spelling) the really unique impatiens!

  • remy says:

    Hi Cindy,
    That is so great to hear! :)
    Knock on Wood, I’ll have the Impatiens seed in late Sept./early Oct.

  • Frank Gaines says:

    Remy, last May I ordered some festuca glauca and dionthus carthusianorum seeds, then planted them in starter boxes. After several weeks I moved them outside on a very steep slope. Guess what? We had one of the wettest summers in history. Never any nice gently 6 hour rains where we would get an inch or so. No. We ALWAYS got a 2 – 6 inch downpour in an hour or two. Needless to say the plants all washed downhill. I did it again and the same thing happened. I did this 4 times this summer and always the rain came within 4-5 days. I probably planted 100 festuca and over 200 dionthus plants. I now have 9 festuca plants and 10 dionthus plants growning that somehow survived the rains. So, next spring I’ll try again as I still have a lot of seeds left over because you were so generous with the amount of seeds you sent. I will order some tomato seeds next spring but I have a question about tomatoes. Can you plant them in the same location every year? A few years ago I did this and developed a fungus. Someone said you can’t plant tomatoes in the same place every year.

    Also, do you have any strawberry seeds?

  • remy says:

    Hi Frank, I’m sorry about the rain! I’m glad though that you were successful with getting the plants started. I hope next year goes better. Try waiting until they are a little bigger before transplanting.
    About the tomatoes, it is best to move them around if you can, but if you can’t, well you make do. You add a lot of new compost and fetilizer, and then keep a close watch for fungus so you can control it before it takes over. Also even in a new spot every year, if the conditions are right, you can get fungus.
    Sorry, no strawberry seeds. For best choices, those should be purchased as plants.

  • Nicholas Gilmer says:

    Hi Remy! This is Nick Gilmer, Christopher Gilmers’ son (from Wegmans). My father and I were talking about gardening and about how I had just bought some seeds online and he told me about your website, I had no idea you were so involved in gardening or that you sold seeds! I have just gotten into gardening because I want to be able to be self sufficient and not rely on store bought foods. I will definitely be making a purchase soon! Hope you are well.

  • remy says:

    Hey Nick! I’m doing great. I hope you are too. So glad you are growing a garden, and thanks to your dad for mentioning me :)

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