VERY IMPORTANT NOTICES! read ALL before ordering, thank you.

Please always check this post for important current site information.

ONE: IF YOU HAVE  A GMAIL ACCOUNT, it seems people are not seeing their shipped emails. Please check your SPAM folder.
Orders are going out in 1-10 days. All orders through Feb. 21st  have shipped. Some smaller closer date orders have also shipped. 
Please remember if you order after noon, the day count as starting the next day. We are  very busy, so have patience with us.
We ONLY send SHIPPED emails. Your PayPal receipt is your proof of purchase.
If you think you should have received a SHIPPED email and have not, please check your spam mail in case we’re there and if not contact us at SampleSeeds@yahoo.com

TWO: Make sure your correct mailing address and correct email are on your order before submitting!  Thank you.

THREE: MARCH 19rd – March 29th  we will be NOT be filling orders. So we recommend ordering by March 11th to ensure you get your order if you need it before we stop filling orders! We will do our best to get at many done as possible.

FOUR: If you have not ordered before, we recommend you read ALL of the
General INFO, SHIPPING, Etc page before ordering.

For INTERNATIONAL Orders please also read
the Shipping to FOREIGN COUNTRIES Page before ordering.

FIVE: Like Us on FaceBook. We do post about updates and have contests on Facebook.
If you have TWITTER, follow us
SIX: If you find any errors, brokenAdd to Cart” buttons,  links, etc, please let us know, SampleSeeds@yahoo.com
(I haven’t had complaints about this in awhile so it may have been fixed) iPads (definitely)and iMacs (maybe, give it a try,) especially when using Safari as a browser, seem to be losing orders i.e. you put 10 things in your cart, and then your cart goes poof! Even a few PC users have trouble. We can NOT fix the problem. The cart pages are controlled by PayPal and not us. We have contacted PayPal. They so far have not figured out the problem.Don’t keep trying to make an order over and over. If it isn’t working for you, it isn’t working.
Some people find that if they click on one of the “View Cart” buttons, their order is still there.
So either try a different browser, or wait until you can use a computer (Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as a browser works best,) or copy and paste your items to an email, and send it to SampleSeeds@yahoo.com (I know PITA, but think of it like the old days when you had to hand write out an order and mail it) and we will bill you the appropriate charge.
Thank you for your patience! We appreciate your business.

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