Sample Seed Shop Reviews

You may be new to this site and wondering if it is a legitimate place to order from.
Here are links to sites where customers have spoken:

  • Dave’s Garden Watchdog reviews Click Here
  • Tomatoville Thread on The Sample Seed Shop. Click Here
  • GardenWeb Rate and Review Click Here
  • (GardenWeb Rate and Review thread of Remy personally Click Here)

Because of your great reviews we have been in the Garden Watchdog top 5 for Perennial Seed and Tomato Seed for 5 years, and we are also in the Watchdog 30 list of best companies overall!

THANK YOU to those of you who have taken the time to write reviews! Your voices help keep cost low because less is spent on advertising.
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  • remy says:

    Hi Crystal,
    You’re welcome : ) Good to hear they are going to good use too!

  • Crystal says:

    Thank you, Remy for the fast service and the several bonus seeds you gave me. I can’t wait to plant the tomato seeds as a second crop here in Texas. Some of the other vegetable seeds are going in a package to Moldova to a self supporting medical missionary college where they will be well used. Thanks again, God bless.

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