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(Originally posted on January 14, 2009.)
I got thinking about things I want to ensure as I start this business, things I want to promise myself as well as the customer.

  • Great Customer Service~ I want to make sure all email inquiries are answered promptly. I think within 24 hours, less if possible, should be the standard practice. If for some reason I will be away, and no one else can answer emails, make sure it is visibly announced on the web site.
  • Have Seeds offered In Stock~ If for some reason a run on a variety happens like a mention in a magazine article, take care of the problem quickly. I don’t want anyone disappointed in the seed being out of stock after ordering. They should be contacted immediately and offered a solution
  • Customer Information (phone numbers, email, and addresses)~ I promise to only use them for contacting the customer about orders. I will never give them out to other companies. I can’t stand telemarketers and spam mailers!
  • Viable seed~ I will send seed of excellent quality. Seeds that are harder to germinate, needing special conditions or a long wait period, will be listed as such. I don’t want to disappoint the novice gardener.
  • Low Prices~ I will do my best to keep prices reasonable, down right cheap if possible. I think some seeds are way over priced. When I see some of the stuff for sale elsewhere, I can not believe people are paying those prices.
  • No False Claims of Rarity~ I promise to never state something is rare if it isn’t. Sometimes plants are unusual or not found at the popular seed outlets, but that makes it uncommon or hard to find, not rare. If I’m the only business selling the seed in the USA, then it might be rare.
  • No False Claims of Plant Virtues~ I promises to give accurate plant descriptions. I may like certain varieties and think they are great, but they are not the BEST EVER! or TOTALLY DISEASE FREE! or what ever silly claim you might read elsewhere. I also promise to never use a color enhance photo. BEWARE OF PLACES THAT DO THIS.
  • No Making New Names Up or Histories for Varieties~ Unfortunately there are catalogs out there that like to rename plants and/or give some story that is totally untrue to help drum up sales. I promise the names and histories I write to be as accurate as possible.
  • Religion ~ No using biblical references to get you to buy seeds. BEWARE OF PLACES THAT DO THIS. They may be good people, but there are and have been many places that do this that are scammers. Please check the GardenWatchdog before ordering.
  • No Stealing Photos~I would rather go without a photo and have poorer sales than steal some unsuspecting gardener’s pic. It is happening much too often unfortunately. Which reminds me… All photos on this site, be they good or bad, are taken by me unless stated otherwise. You can not use them without my permission.

I’ve probably forgotten a thing or two. Any suggestions of things you hope I do, or hope I never do, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! The more you say now, the better for everyone. You can leave a comment or send an email to sampleseeds@yahoo.com

Figuring I should put a face on this web site for people to know me, here it is. The photo is of my SIL(cactus) and me(butterfly) last year at Plantasia, WNY’s garden show.

You should never feel too old to have fun and be silly!

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