VERY IMPORTANT NOTICES! read ALL before ordering, thank you.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPlease always check this post for important current site information before ordering.

ONE: Orders made now may take up to a week to go out as we are working on the back log of orders while we were away. 
Hopefully, we will be back up to speed shortly.

TWO: All sized orders though Tuesday 3/15  have shipped.
A few small Wednesday 3/18 orders have shipped.
Wednesday 3/18 had A LOT of orders, hopefully they will all be out on Monday. After that things are not as crazy and we should be able to catch up (knock on wood.)

If you didn’t here from us, you can email
A few customers have used emails that are not working. Also check your spam/junk folder too as it seems some recent orders did not see their emails. Mark us as not spam if you find us there, thank you!

Three: If you have not ordered before, we recommend you read the General INFO, SHIPPING, Etc page before ordering. For INTERNATIONAL Orders please also read the Shipping to Foreign Countries Page before ordering.

Four: If you find any errors, brokenAdd to Cart” buttons or  links, etc, please let us know,

Five: To know about new items, in stock updates, contests, and other gardening stuff, “Like” us on FaceBook. Make sure “Get Notifications is checked (hover over the Liked area to see it) when there so hopefully you will see our posts more often since it seem FB is not showing all our posts to many people because we don’t pay to promote them. Or just check up on the page periodically.

Six: iPads (definitely)and iMacs (maybe, give it a try,) especially when using Safari as a browser, seem to be losing orders i.e. you put 10 things in your cart, and then your cart goes poof! Even a few PC users have trouble. We can NOT fix the problem :( The cart pages are controlled by PayPal and not us. We have contacted PayPal. They so far have not figured out the problem. Don’t keep trying to make an order over and over. If it isn’t working for you, it isn’t working. So either try a different browser, or wait until you can use a computer (Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as a browser works best,) or copy and paste your items to an email, and send it to (I know PITA,) , but think of it like the old days when you had to hand write out an order and mail it) and we will bill you the appropriate charge. Thank you for your patience! We appreciate your business.

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WELCOME to The Sample Seed Shop!


Hi All,
I’m happy to offer you sample size, quality seed at an inexpensive price. Even at such good prices, you will get bonus seeds with your order! And you might notice some of my sample sizes contain more seed or the same amount of seeds in packets at other sites.
How is that being done?
~The seed packets are not fancy printed ones, just great seed in simple packets. The internet has such a wealth of knowledge about any plant you wish to grow; everything is a Google search away. If a search doesn’t help, I’m here to answer your questions too.
~There is no paper catalog. I know some people like to peruse a paper catalog at their leisure. I’ve found the site does print nicely, so you can make your own catalog.
~I work on this web site myself. All photos are taken by me unless otherwise noted. (All photos taken by me, be they good or bad, are my property. You can not use them without my permission.)
~My office is in my home, so there is less overhead cost.

I hope you find some interesting new seeds for your garden on this site. Please know that varieties will change throughout the growing season, so check back again soon.

To get all of the information about the seeds, shipping, other policies, please go to the General Info and Shipping Page.

Thank You for choosing The Sample Seed Shop!

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Sample Seed Shop Reviews

You may be new to this site and wondering if it is a legitimate place to order from.
Here are links to sites where customers have spoken:

  • Dave’s Garden Watchdog reviews Click Here
  • Tomatoville Thread on The Sample Seed Shop. Click Here
  • GardenWeb Rate and Review Click Here
  • (GardenWeb Rate and Review thread of Remy personally Click Here)

Because of your great reviews we have been in the Garden Watchdog top 5 for Perennial Seed and Tomato Seed for 5 years, and we are also in the Watchdog 30 list of best companies overall!

THANK YOU to those of you who have taken the time to write reviews! Your voices help keep cost low because less is spent on advertising.
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Coming Events

Sat. Oct. 4th ~
We will be in Berea, KY for the annual Sustainable Mountain Agriculture Center Seed Swap/Sale
Wed. Oct. 8th~
Garden Friends of Clarence Meeting,
Winter Sowing presentation.
Fri. Oct. 10th and Sat. Oct. 11th~
World on Your Plate Conference (Vendor) at Daemen College, Amherst, NY.
Thurs. Oct. 16th from 2-7~
Fall Local Living Fair, The Giving Garden on Pleasant Ave. in Hamburg
Tues. Nov. 4~
Bridgeview Garden Club of Grand Island meeting. We will be making Winter Sowing containers.
Sat. Nov. 8th~
Second Sat. at The Foundry. from 12-5
We will be holding a Winter Sowing Containers workshop for children and adults.
Sat. Dec. 13th~
Second Sat. at The Foundry 12-5.

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There is photo contest for all customers of The Sample Seed Shop. Entries must be submitted by Sat. 18th. Ok, entries are in, please click on the 2014 Photo Contest link below to see the photo album of this year’s submissions.

If you missed out on submitting a photo, please remember for next fall!

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